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SmiLe is excited to announce a new style ~ Fringe!

The story behind the Fringe look is truly heartwarming. . . one night I was laying in bed next to my nine year old enjoying our nightly pillow talk, it was late and she had rolled over to settle in, I was about to leave for the night when she rolled over and said to me "Mommy, I have a great idea for a new style purse you should make!" She rambled on about fringe as sleep took over. I was excited to hear her thoughts and see her vision but it took a couple days to coordinate busy Summer schedules LOL! Finally we had some time and she sat down and drew her idea for me, we worked together on some of the fine details ~ size, hardware, and such ~ then she picked out a fabric and fringe color and I got to what I do best....CREATING! The final result put a huge SmiLe on both of our faces....and Fringe was born.

You can find her creation here
After seeing her Fringe idea come together and create a fabulous style I had to create more. . . The Fringe Clutch came to life and in a couple months will be heading west to be on display at the GBK Pre-Emmy Gifting Suite where top celebrities will be introduced to a style that all began with my nine year old...thank you Samantha for your always creative spark...I Love You!